Functional Skills Qualification in Mathematics at Level 2

This qualification consists of 2 mandatory components. Learners must complete both the Non-Calculator and Calculator written examinations. The assessments will assess a learner’s representing, analysing, and interpreting skills using numbers, geometry, and statistics in realistic contexts. To achieve an equivalent to GCSE grade C or 4.

The qualification is awarded by Highfield OFQUAL-regulated and nationally recognised.

Learn about the Functional Skills Qualification in Mathematics at Level 2

Our rolling 12-week course, via live webinar with a dedicated tutor, is designed to discover your weakness and build on those, to enable you to achieve success in Maths to allow you to progress your career in the direction you want. Every Wednesday 4pm – 6pm with full resources and practice papers – you will succeed. As part of one of our apprenticeship courses – This course could be government funded – so ask for more information.


Course Dates

  • Every Wednesday 4pm – 6pm
    12 week rolling course


£350.00 per person (inc. VAT)

Any additional resits of exams are charged at £30 each.


We found Cavity to be amazing help. They listen to your needs and go above and beyond to get you the trainee that you need.

I did my course years ago. It was classroom based one night per week. I think I would prefer to be more ‘hands on’ like it is now. Cavity really are a great company to work for. I truly believe that there expertise will ensure the next generation are amazing!

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