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Business & Leadership, Dental, Teaching, Functional Skills and Mental Health & Wellbeing Training.

At Cavity Training, we provide high-quality education and training across a broad spectrum of fields, including Business & Leadership, Dental, Teaching, Functional Skills, and Mental Health & Wellbeing. As a registered apprenticeship provider, our programs offer a diverse range of courses tailored to meet the evolving needs of professionals seeking to enhance their skills and knowledge through both traditional and apprenticeship pathways.

Business & Leadership

Our Business and Leadership courses and apprenticeships equip participants with essential management skills and strategic insights to navigate the complexities of modern leadership roles.

Dental Training

Our Dental courses and apprenticeships offer comprehensive training, covering both practical and theoretical aspects of dental care, preparing students for a successful career in dental health.

Learning & Teaching Skills

Designed for current and aspiring educators, our teaching courses focus on innovative strategies and classroom management to enhance educational delivery and student engagement.

Functional Skills

The Functional Skills courses are tailored to improve literacy, numeracy, and ICT capabilities, ensuring learners have the essential skills for personal and professional success.

Mental Health & Wellbeing

In our Mental Health & Wellbeing courses we address the crucial aspects of mental health and wellbeing, providing learners with the skills to support emotional and psychological health in various settings.

Free CPD

Our Free CPD offerings provide continuous professional development opportunities, helping professionals stay abreast of the latest industry trends and practices without financial burden.

UK's Premier Training Company

Our Training

We take pride in our comprehensive approach to professional development across various fields: business and leadership, Dental, Teaching, Functional Skills, and Mental Health and wellbeing. As a registered apprenticeship provider, we deliver a rich selection of courses and apprenticeships meticulously crafted to meet the dynamic needs of professionals eager to expand their knowledge and skills. Our commitment is to offer education and a transformative experience, blending traditional learning paths with innovative apprenticeship models to cater to various career aspirations and learning preferences.

  • Business & Leadership: Equip yourself with management skills and strategic insights essential for modern leadership.
  • Dental Training: Dive into both the practical and theoretical dimensions of dental care, setting the stage for a thriving career in dental health.
  • Learning & Teaching Skills: Explore innovative educational strategies and classroom management techniques to improve teaching.
  • Functional Skills: Enhance your literacy, numeracy, and ICT skills, which are fundamental for personal and professional success.
  • Mental Health & Wellbeing: Gain vital skills to support mental and emotional health in diverse settings.
  • Free CPD: Access continuous professional development opportunities to stay ahead in your field, free of financial constraints.

Behind our high-quality training initiatives stands our partnership with industry giants: City & Guilds, NEBDN, NCFE, TQUK, and Highfield. This alliance not only reflects our commitment to excellence but also ensures our courses align with the highest standards of educational quality.

Uniting Excellence: Our Education Partnerships

At the heart of our commitment to delivering outstanding education and training lies our strategic partnerships with some of the most respected names in the industry: City & Guilds, the National Examining Board for Dental Nurses (NEBDN), NCFE, TQUK, and Highfield. These collaborations are not just symbols of quality but a testament to our dedication to providing curriculum that are both relevant and rigorous. Together we ensure that every course, from Business and Leadership to Dental, Teaching, Mental Health & Wellbeing, and beyond, meets the highest standards of educational excellence.

Our partnerships enable us to offer a diverse range of courses, including free CPD and Functional Skills, designed to empower learners with the knowledge and skills required for success in their professional journeys. Through this united front, we aim to inspire, educate, and mentor the next generation of professionals, setting new benchmarks in professional training.

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Looking for work?

We are on the lookout for qualified quality dental nurse tutors and assessors

Are you an aspiring, motivated and goal-driven individual seeking a new challenge to help expand your knowledge and gain a further professional qualifications? Would you like to grow your career, become a qualified assessor or tutor, and work with us to train the next generation?

What our clients say

There is great support for our nurses to learn in their own time but also have support to keep them on track. It means a lot that the Cavity team are dental nurses themselves and knowledgeable and enthusiastic about the profession.

Cavity dental nurses training is an excellent way to build a future in dentistry. I would definitely recommend getting in contact with the training team

I found Cavity Training CPD last Summer and I’ve completed all of your available course so far. Each one has been extremely helpful and relevant but at the same time enjoyable.