Equality & Diversity Policy

1. Purpose & Aims

  1. This policy of this policy is to establish guidance regarding equality and diversity by stating key principles, outlining structures and describing monitoring agreements. Cavity Training Ltd. shall fulfil its duty by complying with current equality legislation.
    We believe that all people are of equal worth and are entitled to human rights. We aim to ensure that learners, their parents or guardians, staff, visitors and suppliers are treated with dignity, respect and equality regardless of their individual protected characteristics namely age, disability, gender reassignment, pregnancy and maternity, marriage and civil partnership, race, religion or belief, sexual orientation or sex.
    Cavity Training Ltd. believes that diversity both enriches the teaching and learning experience and creates a welcoming environment for its staff and learners. Harnessing these differences contributes to a productive environment in which all people are valued whether individual potential is maximised. We strive to create a teaching and learning, working and social environment that is free from discrimination and actively celebrates diversity.
  2. Cavity Training Ltd. Is committed to both eliminating discrimination and encouraging diversity amongst our workforce. Our aim is that our learners and staff will be representative of all sections of society and that each learner and employee feels their contribution is respected, and that they are able to give their best. As an employer, we oppose all forms of unlawful and unfair discrimination. All employees, whether part-time, full-time or temporary, will be treated fairly and with respect. Selection for employment, promotion, training or any other benefits will be on the basis of aptitude and ability. A similar set of values will underpin the recruitment of learners to programmes of training and study. All employees will be helped and encouraged to develop their full potential and the talents and resources of the workforce will be fully utilised to maximise the efficiency of our organisation. To that end, the aim of this policy is to foster equality and fairness for all staff members and those who deal with us. Through our culture we aim to educate, inform and nurture best practise and behaviour in relation to equality and diversity.
  3. The application of the principles of equality and diversity needs to best practise in education in which fairness of opportunity for learners is a basic right this policy is therefore underpinned by following values observations of which will reduce barriers to learning:
    • active challenges to stereotypes, prejudiced attitudes and discriminatory behaviour
    • acknowledging and celebrating diversity
    • respect for others regardless of visible and non-visible differences
    • neutral language concerning protected characteristics
    • compliance with legislation
    • commitment to inclusive education by ensuring that the principle of diversity informs our activities
    • support for learners to develop their full potential by recognising the individual not the differences between groups of people who share protected characteristics
    • accountability of Cavity staff members for compliance with this policy
  4. Staff and learners each have a code of conduct to which they are expected to adhere. These codes explain about behaving and communicating in a respectful way to all. Staff should endeavour to use neutral language which does not imply value judgments when referring to the protected characteristics. This applies whether the language is spoken, written, electronic or published. This is because use of language can imply attitudes which could be interpreted as negative or discriminatory. Staff should take care to demonstrate respect and be mindful of inappropriate references which may, all be it unwittingly, give offence to people who are members of groups which may have historically being subjected to bigotry or discrimination.

2. Policy

Equal and fair protection from discrimination is a fundamental human right. Cavity Training Ltd. believes that all forms of prejudice and discrimination are unacceptable. All staff and learners are expected to consider their behaviour and demonstrate respect for others. In recognition that these prejudices can take a variety of forms depending on what group against whom they are directed, we are setting out a for each of the protected characteristics.

  1. Age
    Cavity Training Ltd. is committed to ensuring that all staff and learners are treated fairly irrespective of their age. Age will not be a consideration in any decisions made concerning staff recruitment and selection, opportunities for promotion or training, appraisals discipline or capability procedures or selection for redundancy. The opportunity to access education throughout life is a human right. We will respond to demographic changes towards an ageing society and changing patterns of economic activity by taking these factors into account at curriculum reviews to the full extent that our resources allow. We will ensure that learners are on age appropriate programmes and we will be mindful of the implications of safeguarding in these.
  2. Disability
    We recognise that disabilities take many forms, both hidden and visible and welcome the definition of disability as set out in the Equality Act 2010. Cavity Training Ltd. is committed to identifying the disadvantages that disability causes and removing any consequent barriers to learning. Cavity Training Ltd. is therefore committed to enabling all learners and staff to access as fully possible, all educational and employment opportunities. Cavity Training Ltd. is continually focused on its duty to provide inclusive
  3. Sex
    Staff and learners are entitled to dignity and respect in the workplace and learning environment. We recognise that discrimination, whether direct or indirect, based on sex is unjust and it will not be tolerated. We are mindful of wider issues relating to gender pay gap under representation of women in senior posts and gender segregation in employment and are committed to promoting gender equality in all our functions.
  4. Pregnancy and maternity
    We will not treat pregnant staff and learners less favourably or discriminate against them on the grounds of their pregnancy or maternity status.
  5. Marriage and civil partnership
    We will not treat staff or learners less favourably or discriminate against them on the grounds of their marital or civil partnership status
  6. Race
    We seek to provide a learning environment in which staff and learners can develop their potential without any racial discrimination barriers. To this end, we will actively promote understanding and good relations between members of different ethnicities and nationalities. We encourage and expect all staff and learners to evidence this commitment in their teaching and learning. We will monitor our learner intake and staff profile to ensure we maintain a diversity which is representative of the community.
  7. Religion and belief
    Cavity Training Ltd. does not promote any particular religion or belief but welcomes religious and cultural diversity and wishes to treat everyone’s views with dignity and fairness. We therefore uphold the principle that there is a human right to freedom of thought belief and conscience. Atheists, humanists and agnostics and those of no beliefs have an equal right to respect for their beliefs or absence of beliefs as do religious adherents. The rights to manifest such thoughts and beliefs are however qualified by the need to protect the rights and freedoms of others.
    Cavity Training Ltd. acknowledges that some general holidays are based around the Christian calendar and that some holy days of other religions may coincide with timetables. Learners should inform their Tutors at the beginning of their course of any requests for reasonable accommodations.
  8. Sexual Orientation
    We welcome the opportunity afforded by legislative changes to ensure practises are equal and fair for all four legally promoted orientations, namely bisexual, gay ,heterosexual and lesbian. We will tackle discrimination and promote equality for staff and learners relating to policy practise and Cavity Training Ltd. ethos.
  9. Gender reassignment
    Cavity Training Ltd. Recognises gender differences and individuality and that there can be differences between sexes assigned at birth and gender identity. We recognise that some people may have a specific identity that they want to follow through choice. We will not discriminate against people on the grounds of gender variation at any stage in the process of gender reassignment, whether proposing to undergo, commenced, partial or complete. We will take positive steps to combat unlawful discrimination and harassment on these grounds.

3. Implementation

  1. Cavity Training Ltd. will continually monitor equality and diversity through measures such as:
    • teaching and learning observations
    • feedback from learners and staff by means of surveys or other measures of attitudes and opinions
    • analysis of complaints and incidences
    • inspection by quality assurance bodies
  2. Cavity Training Ltd. Is responsible for achieving the highest standards in teaching and learning and we recognise that access and inclusivity is essential to this aim. learning resources will be free from racist, sexist and any other prejudiced assumptions, images and language and actively promote diversity. we would develop inclusive, personalise learning strategies to meet the needs of individual learners and to help them to achieve their full potential. in so doing we will take steps to develop staff in the best teaching and learning practise and to ensure that their best practise is promoted and shared.
    Cavity Training Ltd. Is responsible for ensuring that all employment policies and practises reflect the principles of equality. breaches of the equality and diversity policy can be regarded as misconduct leading to disciplinary proceedings. Cavity Training Ltd. is committed to:

    • creating an environment in which individual differences and the contributions of all our staff are recognised and valued
    • a working environment that promotes dignity fairness and respect to all
    • intolerance of all forms of intimidation bullying or harassment
    • making training development and progression opportunities availably equitable
    • understanding that equality in the workplace is good management practise and makes sound business sense
    • regular review of our employment practises and procedures to ensure fairness
  3. All staff
    Is the responsibility of all staff to ensure that equality and diversity is at the heart of our functions and services. All staff have a responsibility to:

    • challenge discriminatory incidents reporting those of any quality nature through our procedures
    • keep up to date with legislation and participate in training and learning opportunities
    • reflect the values principles and standards described in this policy in all our activities

4. Monitoring, Review and Evaluation

  • The Director of Training will oversee maintenance, review and monitoring of this policy.
  • The policy will be reviewed in line with changes in legislation or best practise or every two years whichever is the sooner.
  • A copy of this policy is accessible to all staff via the Shared folder.