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At Cavity Training, we specialise in providing top-tier dental education and training. We offer a diverse range of courses, spanning from Mental Health First Aid to Dental Nursing, which is available in both Diploma and Apprenticeship formats.

Our mission goes beyond mere course delivery; we’re committed to shaping the next generation of dental care excellence. Our unwavering dedication is reflected in our esteemed reputation for supplying skilled dental nurses to various settings – from local practices and hospitals to community clinics and prisons across the UK. This extensive experience bestows upon us a unique insight into the evolving needs of dental professionals, ensuring our training remains at the forefront of the industry.

Level 3 Apprenticeship in Dental Nursing

Start your journey to becoming a dental nurse with our Level 3 Apprenticeship, blending practical experience with theoretical knowledge for a comprehensive career foundation.

Level 3 Diploma In Dental Nursing

Achieve a foundational qualification in dental nursing with our Level 3 Diploma, designed to equip you with essential skills and knowledge for professional practice.

Level 3 Dental Nurse Assessor

Prepare to guide the next generation of dental nurses with our Level 3 course, focusing on assessment strategies and educational best practices in dental nursing.

Level 4 Oral Health Practitioner Apprenticeship

Advance your career with our Level 4 Apprenticeship, developing specialised skills in oral health care and patient management.

Advanced Certificate in Impression Taking

Enhance your dental nursing capabilities with our Advanced Certificate, focusing on the precise art and science of dental impression taking.

NEBDN Certificate in Fluoride Varnish Application

With our NEBDN-accredited certificate, specialise in preventive dental care, mastering the application of fluoride varnish to protect patient oral health.

Certificate in Oral Health Education

Empower patients and improve public health with our Certificate in Oral Health Education, teaching effective communication and educational strategies in oral health.

Certificate in Orthodontic Nursing

Dive deeper into the specialty of orthodontics with our Certificate, gaining targeted skills in supporting orthodontic treatments and patient care.

Level 4 Dental Practice Management

Elevate your career to management with our Level 4 course, focusing on the essential skills needed to effectively run and improve dental practices.

Our Courses

At Cavity Training, we offer a comprehensive suite of dental training courses designed to cater to a wide range of professional needs within the dental care sector. From foundational courses for those starting their journey in dental nursing to advanced certifications for professionals looking to specialise or move into management, our programs are tailored to enhance skills, knowledge, and career opportunities in the dental field.

Here are the benefits of engaging in our dental training courses at Cavity Training:

  • Comprehensive Career Foundation: Establish a solid base in dental nursing, preparing for a successful career with hands-on experience and in-depth knowledge.
  • Professional Qualification: Achieve recognized qualifications that open doors to various opportunities within the dental care sector.
  • Mentorship Opportunities: Develop the skills to mentor and assess upcoming dental nurses, contributing to the profession’s future excellence.
  • Specialised Skills Development: Advance your career by gaining specialized skills in areas such as oral health care, impression taking, and orthodontic support.
  • Preventive Dental Care Expertise: Specialize in preventive care with training in fluoride varnish application, playing a crucial role in patient oral health.
  • Patient Education and Public Health: Learn effective strategies for educating patients and improving public oral health through comprehensive oral health education.
  • Orthodontic Nursing Specialization: Dive into the specialty of orthodontics, enhancing your ability to support orthodontic treatments and patient care.
  • Dental Practice Management: Elevate your career with managerial skills, learning to run and improve dental practices effectively.

These benefits underscore our commitment to providing high-quality training that not only enhances professional skills but also broadens career pathways in the dynamic field of dental care.

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Brought to you by the UK’s Premier Dental Agency in partnership with City & Guilds, NEBDN, and NCFE

Our partnerships with City & Guilds, NEBDN (National Examining Board for Dental Nurses), and NCFE, all highly reputable education providers, mean we are committed to delivering the highest quality training for future dental care professionals.

We aim to inspire all dental care students to excel in their profession. We believe in inspiring, mentoring, and educating students to achieve excellence. Our goal is for every student to succeed, and we dedicate ourselves to supporting them in reaching their full potential. If you are a dentist in search of an educational and inspiring partner to guide your career or the careers of those in your practice, look no further.

Looking for work?

We are on the lookout for qualified quality dental nurse tutors and assessors

Are you an aspiring, motivated and goal-driven individual seeking a new challenge to help expand your knowledge and gain a further professional qualifications? Would you like to grow your career, become a qualified assessor or tutor, and work with us to train the next generation?

What our clients say

There is great support for our nurses to learn in their own time but also have support to keep them on track. It means a lot that the Cavity team are dental nurses themselves and knowledgeable and enthusiastic about the profession.

I started my dental nurse training with Cavity in November 2022. The lessons are interactive and I receive a lot of support from each member of the cavity team. Their communication is excellent and they are always happy to help!

I found Cavity Training CPD last Summer and I’ve completed all of your available course so far. Each
one has been extremely helpful and relevant but at the same time enjoyable.

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