Admissions Policy

1. Purpose

This policy applies to all applicants seeking entry to Cavity Training Limited. This policy does not identify detailed organisational activities but overriding principles that shape how these activities are carried out. This policy is for external applications, new to Cavity Training Limited.

2. Definitions

  • Adults – persons aged of 19 and over
  • Young person – persons aged 16, 17 or 18

3. Policy

  1. Statement of key principles
    1. Cavity Training Limited provides a range of learning opportunities. Cavity Training Limited does however acknowledge that there are some people for whom it is not appropriate training or education provider.
    2. Cavity Training Limited aims to provide a fair and transparent approach for anyone applying for a course or training route. All entry criteria are outlined on our website or in the appropriate publication. If an applicant does not meet the entry criteria, Cavity Training Limited reserves the right to decline an offer of placement on a programme.
    3. Diploma and Apprenticeship programmes can enrol learners from across different age ranges.
    4. We celebrate diversity and challenge discrimination where we find it and welcome applications from anyone with the potential to exceed. No applicant will be excluded from entry as a result of discrimination on the grounds of age, disability, gender, pregnancy and maternity, race, religion, sexual orientation or transgender status. We reserve the right to make decisions relating to appropriateness of admission in connection with the age of any applicant where safeguarding best practise requires us to do so.
    5. Cavity Training Limited is committed to equality of opportunities for all applicants and recognise that our learning community is enhanced by diversity of staff and learners, that is reflective of the wider community.
    6. All applications to Cavity Training Limited will be treated as confidential and personal information and data is dealt with in line with legislative requirements.
    7. For those who are accepted onto and join a course, Cavity Training Limited has high expectations regarding attendance, work completion and appropriateness of behaviour. Failure to meet these expectations for whatever reason may result in the learner being withdrawn from the course.
  2. Applications
    1. Applicants will ordinarily receive acknowledgement of receipt of their application within five working days. During initial screening of applications, learners may be advised to approach another organisation or to apply to another institution.
    2. Cavity Training Limited recruit appropriately to age related provision.
    3. Every case is considered on an individual basis, taking into account any relevant contextual information.
    4. Safeguarding learners is a primary priority of Cavity Training Limited. Learners are responsible for keeping their address and next it kin contact details updated and accurate.
  3. Entry requirements
    1. Each application will be subject to an initial screening by the Director of Training and/or the Lead Quality Assurer before applicants are invited for interview.
    2. Each application form asks the learner to identify any additional support requirements they might have. The objective of this is for Cavity Training Limited to begin to assess the needs of the learner so that we can agree suitable support and/or reasonable adjustments, therefore full disclosure is strongly advised.
    3. An applicant who anticipates not being well enough to fully attend a course must disclose this prior to enrolling.
    4. Where an applicant suffers from a medical condition that has or might have been a material impact on their learning or other learners and this was not disclosed on the application form, this could result in the application being reconsidered if reasonable adjustments are unlikely to enable accessing a course possible.
  4. Other considerations
    1. All applicants must disclose any criminal records or other issues that might reasonably be considered to impact on their suitability to join a course at Cavity Training Limited. When considering applicants with criminal convictions, Cavity Training Limited will comply with the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act in 1974. Applicants to some courses may require mandatory DBS checks.
    2. For applicants with alternative and other educational backgrounds, we may approach the relevant organisation for supplementary information.
    3. To facilitate the application process, Cavity Training Limited may require information from an applicant and their current provider. This information will be used to inform our information, advice and guidance.
  5. Course offers
    1. All offers are conditional, Cavity Training Limited reserves the right to amend or withdraw any offer on the basis of subsequent information received or becoming evident.
    2. The majority of interviewees can expect to leave their interview with confirmation of their offer. The majority of offers are conditional upon applicants achieving or providing evidence of prior learning or achievement.
    3. If Cavity Training Limited chooses not to run a course, learners will be advised of alternative provision if available, Cavity Training Limited is not obliged to make alternative provision in such circumstances.
    4. Formal acceptance of offers is subject to learners accepting Cavity Training Limited’s terms and conditions and completion of any other documentation or expectations that Cavity Training Limited may reasonably request or accept.

4. Implementation

  1. Enrolment
    1. To enrol as a student with Cavity Training Limited, applicants must complete an enrolment form and make arrangements to pay the stated fee, where applicable. This is an important contractual stage of the admissions process.
    2. All students will be expected to provide suitable ID such as birth certificate or passport, including prior qualifications, where applicable.
  2. Risk assessment
    1. Cavity Training Limited Reserves the rights to decline admissions to an applicant who has previously been excluded from this or any other educational institution following careful consideration.
    2. Cavity Training Limited reserves the right not to admit an individual who has previously studied with Cavity Training Limited but in the view of Cavity Training Limited, failed to make sufficient effort or progress towards successfully completing their studies.
    3. In the interest of duty of care, Cavity Training Limited reserves the right not to admit an applicant where there is evidence that they could be a threat or danger to themselves or others.
    4. Cavity Training Limited may choose not to admit an applicant where there are concerns not the learner is not well enough to study or complete the programme fully or where there is significant concern to undertake the course of study may not be in the interest of the applicant’s health or wellbeing.
    5. Cavity Training Limited may choose not to admit an applicant who has any outstanding debt to Cavity Training Limited or Cavity Dental Agency.
  3. Appeals and complaints
    1. If a perspective learner wishes to appeal the decision regarding refusal or admission onto a programmer study, they should contact the Director of Training. The Director of Training will seek to explain why the applicant has been refused.

5. Associated Documentation

  • Equality and diversity Policy
  • Safeguarding policy

6. Monitoring, Review and Evaluation

  • The implementation of this policy is reviewed and evaluated through the Self-Assessment Review process.
  • Cavity Training Limited reserves the right to vary this policy
  • A copy of this policy is accessible to all staff via the Shared folder.