Train a Dental Nurse for Your Practice with a Level 3 Diploma or Apprenticeship

Give your trainees the opportunity to develop their dental nursing skills, hands on.

Cavity Training is dedicated to educating, mentoring and inspiring students to achieve greatness on their journey to becoming dental care professionals of the highest standard.

  • Secure a government-backed Level 3 City & Guilds Apprenticeship for your trainee.
  • Gain a certified and recognised qualification run in partnership with City & Guilds Level 3 Diploma in Dental Nursing.
  • Weekly virtual classes with tutors, students and assessors totalling approximately 4 hours a week.
  • Extensive e-Library of resources with support from our assessors and Health & Wellbeing coach.
  • A minimum of 6-in-surgery assessments with your designated assessor.
  • Final assessment consisting of an in-practice observation and an interview covering the knowledge, skills and behaviour competencies covered throughout the programme.

Why Cavity?

Our courses are backed by City & Guilds to ensure that you are getting a certified and recognised qualification.

All of our tutors and assessors are professional working dental nurses, with years of experience and up to date hands on knowledge. Between us we have all the answers and all the experience any budding student would need. They regularly work in all dental settings from mobile community units to hospitals and prisons, to the general high street practice and emergency dental hubs. Our professionals will lead the way.

Cavity Training is an ‘all inclusive’ aid to the dental profession. Our training centre is a place where all staff, students and clients deserve to feel respected and valued. Centres, like ours, are also important hubs in the dental community and we have the opportunity to lead, influence and contribute to that culture.

Cavity Training work with employers to upskill knowledge, skills, and behaviours of existing employees where they will facilitate career progression in order to create opportunities within entry level positions.

Expand Your Team

Trainees make an exciting addition to any dental team. You will provide opportunity and mentorship alongside our course to grow the next generation of dental nurses.

Cost Effective Hiring

Hire someone new or upskill an existing employee. A student nurse is a productive and cost effect way to grow talent and develop a skilled individual.


We will ensure your student will be trained to the highest standards by experienced professionals who will help them to be motivated to continue learning.

How can Cavity Training help?

Let us help you find your perfect Student

We understand that finding the right fit for your practice is of the utmost importance in building a successful practice team.

Many young people are left behind by education, more so as a result of the pandemic. Through apprenticeships, our vision is to provide a framework and culture through which apprentices, can realise their ability to learn new knowledge, skills, and behaviours to improve their lives and progress onto a professional career path on completion.

Our goal is to start apprentices on a journey of lifelong self-improvement and skills acquisitions which makes their lives richer and fuller, while providing the dental community with highly skilled professionals.

Let us help you advertise here free.

Two dental nurses

Frequently Asked Questions

Find out more below or feel free to contact book a call with us here.

How often are your courses running?

We have courses running on a monthly basis throughout the year.

What is the cost of the Diploma?

The cost is £2500. We do have an option to spread the cost over 4 months.

How do I get my trainee enroled?

To apply you can contact us on 0118 907 9872 or fill out our enquiry form and we will be in contact.

Where are the sessions held?

All of our courses are delivered through weekly virtual classes.

For our Diploma, we have weekly virtual classes and assignments totalling approximately 4 hours a week and a minimum of 6 in-surgery assessments with your dedicated Assessor, approximately every 8 weeks.

For our Apprenticeship courses, it is mandatory that all trainees do 20% of their contracted hours of training outside the practice.

Will the course be in business hours?

For our Diploma tutoring is on a Wednesday evening 7pm-9pm.

Other courses, run during the day and in business hours.

Meet the Students

Find your perfect match in our list of available trainee dental nurses eager to find the perfect practice to begin their journey in becoming a leading dental nurse for your team.


Hayes - UB3

Organized, detail-oriented and empathetic to customer needs. Skilled at helping customers find the products and services that they need. Shop worker attentive to customer needs and ready for high tempo work. Delivers positive and professional service to people of different backgrounds. Accurate in money handling and payment processing. The positive experience I had while wearing braces and the strong bond I formed with my dental team motivated me to pursue a career as a dental nurse. Their compassionate care and support made me realize the profound impact dental professionals can have on patients’ lives. Witnessing their dedication and expertise firsthand inspired me to be part of a profession where I could provide the same level of care and assistance to others.


Birmingham - B19

I have witnessed the detrimental effects that poor oral hygiene can have on a person’s life and the significance of maintaining a healthy oral routine by helping my mum with her dental checkups.  A dental nurse’s work has a significant influence since, in addition to providing support to patients who are anxious about their procedures, they also educate clients about the significance of adhering to their treatment plans and help dentists perform these procedures on them. The position is highly fulfilling because it allows you to support people of all ages, help them gain confidence, and play a crucial part in maintaining the sterility of all equipment—a measure that is vitally necessary in preventing infections among clients.


Lancashire - BB9

I am organised and can work well under pressure. I have excellent communication skills and the ability to use my own initiative. I am always willing to learn new skills. I am friendly, helpful and polite. I am able to work independently in busy environments within a team setting. I am outgoing and tactful, and able to listen effectively when taking instructions. I have recently passed my level 2 access to nursing and level 1 health and social care. I enjoy working with people and have always found medical science interesting and the benefits it has for people. I would like to become a dental nurse as I think the role would be rewarding in helping the community improve their oral health. I would enjoy working with a wide range of people and feel fulfilment from making a difference.

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