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We've have a list of candidates already ready and waiting to start their dental career.

If your dental practice is actively seeking to fill open positions or if you’re on the lookout for new opportunities to expand your team, Cavity Training is here to assist you. We specialise in both placing staff in open positions and providing a platform to advertise trainee dental job openings. Excitingly, we’ve just launched our apprenticeship scheme, a stellar addition to our already comprehensive range of courses. This new venture provides a myriad of advantages tailored to meet the distinct needs of both employers and budding dental professionals.

Benefits of Our Newly Launched Apprenticeship Scheme:

  • Fresh & Comprehensive Training: Apprentices benefit from a mix of hands-on learning and structured coursework, ensuring immediate job readiness.
  • Financial Perks: This government-backed scheme offers financial ease to candidates, making top-notch training even more accessible.
  • Streamlined Talent Acquisition: Employers now have access to a reservoir of eager, well-trained apprentices, simplifying and reducing recruitment timelines and costs.
  • Ongoing Support: Our commitment extends beyond course completion. Continuous mentorship is provided, facilitating a seamless transition for apprentices into their professional roles.
  • Expanded Learning Horizons: With the integration of apprenticeships alongside our diverse courses, candidates are presented with a broader palette of educational paths.
  • Elevated Brand Prestige: Introducing apprenticeships not only boosts your brand’s stature but also showcases a commitment to nurturing talent and championing the future of the dental sector.
  • By launching our apprenticeship scheme in tandem with our existing courses, we’re shaping a more inclusive, comprehensive, and forward-thinking training ecosystem, primed to foster success for both candidates and employers.


Beaconsfield - HP10

A motivated and passionate individual who is seeking for an apprenticeship in dental nursing and to further progress my career. Strong communication skills, very organised and compassion for others.


West Yorkshire - BD2

I am looking to take the next step in my career and ready for a refreshing new challenge. Motivated and compassionate individual with a strong passion for dental care and a desire to pursue a career as a Dental Nurse. Eager to contribute to a dynamic dental practice and gain hands-on experience in assisting dentists and hygienists with various dental procedures. Strong communication skills allow for effective patient interaction and colleague cooperation and collaboration.



Birmingham - B19

I have witnessed the detrimental effects that poor oral hygiene can have on a person’s life and the significance of maintaining a healthy oral routine by helping my mum with her dental checkups.  A dental nurse’s work has a significant influence since, in addition to providing support to patients who are anxious about their procedures, they also educate clients about the significance of adhering to their treatment plans and help dentists perform these procedures on them. The position is highly fulfilling because it allows you to support people of all ages, help them gain confidence, and play a crucial part in maintaining the sterility of all equipment—a measure that is vitally necessary in preventing infections among clients.


Batley - WF17

A driven and enthusiastic learner with a strong desire to acquire new abilities. I seize every opportunity that comes my way and am easy to approach with a friendly demeanour, able to collaborate with people from all walks of life. I am confident in my capabilities and consistently reliable and trustworthy. I effectively communicate my ideas while also actively listening to others. Working as a dental nurse interest me because I’ve always been interested in the health care sector. This is because I enjoy helping others and making sure they are happy. It’s rewarding as I’ll get a dental nurse qualification and can work for my goal in the future.


Oldham - OL9


I believe I am hardworking, a very well engaged individual and punctual. Education has given me the chance to interact with many different people, ultimately improving my communication and social skills. I am a friendly person who enjoys working as part of a team as well as having the ability to use my own initiative. I’ve been thinking about becoming a dental nurse, and it seems like a super fulfilling job. I’m excited about the idea of assisting dentists during procedures, ensuring patients are comfortable throughout. The dynamic nature of the work, where every day brings something new, really appeals to me. I also love the opportunity for ongoing learning, and the fact that I could actively contribute to improving people’s oral health makes it even more attractive.


Slough - SL3

I am a motivated young person who is keen to pursue a career in dentistry. Throughout my school years I have learnt how to be confident, work in an organized manner and prioritize my work. Moreover, I feel like Dental nursing is a rewarding job in terms making a difference to the patient’s oral hygiene. Additionally, I will pick up practical abilities and skills from my colleagues and the environment. This apprenticeship will allow me to have hands-on experience. Lastly, completing a Dental nurse apprenticeship can lead to recognized qualifications and open doors to further career opportunities


Plymouth - PL5

Since I started working for the NHS as a Patient Services Assistant and being more in the healthcare environment, I had a desire to work in the healthcare field, it was my desire to help people, care for them. For me, becoming a dental assistant is a way to combine my passion for helping others with my interest in dentistry.


Reading - RG2

I am a highly motivated and hardworking student who has recently completed their GCSEs with great results. Seeking the opportunity to begin my career as a Trainee Dental Nurse. I am keen to help people and have a positive impact on their oral health. With dentistry always evolving there is always the opportunity to learn and grow within the role. It’s a career that combines science, artistry, and patient care. In addition to this I work exceptionally well in any environment, individually or collectively in a group. Dentistry is an extremely diverse career path, and I am passionate to start my apprenticeship to help me broaden my horizons in the sector.


London - W5

My desire to become a dental nurse, it is deeply rooted in me from a experience at a dental clinic in Turkey. During my time there, I was exposed to a variety of cosmetic procedures that captivated my interest and highlighted the significant impact such interventions can have on an individual’s physical appearance and

self-esteem. Witnessing these procedures sparked a passion within me for the field of dental healthcare. What draws me most to dental nursing is the opportunity to provide compassionate care, particularly to those who may feel anxious about dental visits. Beyond my enjoyment of caring for others, my ultimate goal is to become a dental hygienist. I see dental nursing as the foundational step toward achieving this aspiration. I am excited about the prospect of contributing to the field, providing excellent patient care, and continually expanding my skills and knowledge in the dynamic world of dental healthcare.


London - CR2

I am a friendly, confident and hardworking individual, who enjoys engaging with others and applying myself as part of a team. I also see myself as a good team leader, helping steer everyone in the right direction and helping get everyone’s opinion heard.  I am well organised and take pride in the work I do. I am currently enrolled on a dental nursing apprenticeship course and looking for work within a practice so I am able to start the theoretical side of the course.

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