Embracing New Opportunities: My Journey into Orthodontic Nursing with Cavity

10th May 2024

Transitioning from a permanent role in general dentistry to a locum position with an Agency was a significant step in my career. While my previous experiences had equipped me with valuable skills, I felt the urge to diversify and delve into other specialities within the dental field. Joining Cavity allowed me to expand my horizons and immerse myself in new environments, including orthodontics, which was both exhilarating and challenging. Here’s a glimpse into my transformative journey as a locum dental nurse.

When I joined Cavity, I was open to exploring various specialities. To my delight, they offered me opportunities to broaden my skills beyond general dentistry. Despite my limited experience in orthodontics, the team were supportive and willing to provide the necessary training. This willingness to invest in my learning allowed me to venture into unfamiliar territory with confidence.

Anticipating my first shift in an orthodontic practice, I dedicated time to familiarise myself with orthodontic instruments and procedures. My manager even sent me a helpful list of instruments and instructional videos to prepare me for the role. Armed with newfound knowledge and a proactive mindset, I arrived early for my shift, eager to learn and contribute.

Shadowing an experience orthodontic nurse during the initial appointments was invaluable. Despite my initial nerves, the clinicians were patient and supportive, guiding me through the intricacies of orthodontic nursing. Handling delicate orthodontic instruments required precision and coordination, skills that I gradually honed over the course of the day. Observing the seamless teamwork between the orthodontic nurse and clinician was inspiring, motivating me to adapt and improve.

Working in an orthodontic practice was a refreshing change from general dentistry. The joy of interacting with children and witnessing their excitement about their braces was heartwarming. Unlike the apprehension often associated with general dental visits, the patients here were enthusiastic and eager to return. The transformative impact of orthodontic treatment on their smiles and confidence was truly rewarding.

Specialised practices like orthodontics often require dental nurses to acquire additional qualifications, such as radiography. These qualifications not only enhance clinical skills but also enable dental nurses to educate patients about oral health during their treatment. With each shift at Cavity, I gained confidence and efficiency, learning from various orthodontic clinicians and adapting to their preferences and techniques.

Being open to new experiences and opportunities has been instrumental in my professional growth. My willingness to step out of my comfort zone, coupled with the unwavering support from the team at Cavity, has allowed me to acquire a diverse skill set in a relatively short span of time. I am grateful for the doors that have opened for me and excited about the endless possibilities that lie ahead.

My journey as a locum dental nurse at Cavity has been a transformative experience, filled with learning, growth, and discovery. By embracing new opportunities and continuously seeking to expand my skills, I have been able to adapt to new environments and contribute meaningfully to specialised practices like orthodontics. I am grateful to Cavity for believing in me and providing me with the platform to explore, learn, and thrive.

Sara - Cavity Locum