10 Websites Dental Trainees Should Know About!

19th Nov 2023
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10 Websites Dental Trainees Should Know About:

1. General Dental Council (GDC)

The GDC is the professional body that regulates all dental professionals and protects the public. They set the standards that all dental professionals will follow throughout their careers and provide guidance on how to maintain their knowledge and skills.

2. Resuscitation Council

This website is packed with knowledge and guidance on how to manage medical emergencies that may occur any time in the dental practice.

3. Scottish Dental Clinical Effectiveness Programme (SDCEP)

When it comes down to how we manage patient care SDCEP is the place to go and find appropriate guidance. Their extensive content gives dental trainees knowledge of dental disease and how these are managed in the dental practice. This resource also provides guidance on decontamination and sterilisation of instruments and presents other important topics like antimicrobial resistance.

4. British Dental Nurses Association (BADN)

This is a place dedicated to dental nurses and made by dental nurses. It aims at supporting dental nurses in various ways. It includes different dentistry topics, gives advice, and provides professional indemnity which is something that all qualified dental nurses must have to be compliant with the GDC.

5. Studying websites: Sketchfab, Teach Me Anatomy, Kenhub, HSE ionising radiation.

Whether you are learning the anatomy of the oral cavity, tooth morphology or other areas of dental nursing like radiography the above websites have lots of information to aid your studying.

6. Ionising Radiation (Medical exposure) Regulations 2017 IMER17

This is the newest guidance on ionising radiation exposure and protection and all dental nurses should be familiar with it.

7. Dentistry

A website dedicated to informing dental professionals about all thing’s dentistry. From technological advancements, latest trends, important news, shared experiences and awards, you will find it all here.

8. British Dental Journal (BDJ)

The BDJ is an academic resource that brings research articles to dental professionals. Dental nurses can educate themselves about recent discoveries in dentistry.

9. Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

Here dental nurses can keep up to date with infection control news and read up on guidance. You can learn about various diseases and vaccination programmes.

10. Oral Health Foundation

Oral health foundation is a company that provides advice and education to dental professionals and patients about dental disease prevention. Dental nurses can get involved by sharing the knowledge gained or participate in the campaigns organised by oral health foundation.