What makes a good tutor?

18th Jul 2022
Lady on video conference

A good Tutor is a combination of different skills, behaviours, and knowledge. A good Tutor will identify the student’s learning style so that they are able to present information in a way that best suits the student and is going to have the greatest effect.


Encouraging your students to strive, to reach their goals and to recognize their strengths. Having a positive attitude can make all the difference between having a motivated and unmotivated student. You should always praise your students and emphasise their strengths. You should encourage them to challenge themselves.


Remaining calm and respectful is an excellent skill to have in any situation, for a Tutor, this is essential! Tutors have advanced knowledge in a subject and are helping individuals with little to no knowledge, therefore, you need to be patient with every student. Every student will learn at a different pace and every student will have different strengths and weaknesses.


Tutors should have excellent verbal communication skills to help their students understand the tasks and information given to them, written communication is also just as important for your students. The notes or tasks should be clearly explained to each student. Adaptability is important, not all students have the same learning style.


Managing your time productively and staying on track is going to keep your students engaged. Good time-management keeps you organised and helps you to prioritize.